Sunday, May 25, 2008

Silent Bats, Holy Bats

An ugly two out rally in the top of the 3rd inning was the Dodgers downfall tonight. After retiring the first two batters in the 3rd inning, Brad Penny gave up back to back walks followed by a single and two doubles. The single by Chris Duncan carried a WPA of .111. After Duncan's single, Albert Pujols doubled, which carried a WPA of .113. The final nail in the Dodgers coffin was a double by Rick Ankiel, which carried a game high WPA of .133. Ankiel's double lowered the dodgers win expectancy to 15.3%. The four runs the Cardinals scored in the top of the 3rd inning were the only runs of the game. The Dodgers never mounted a serious threat the rest of the game.

Win Expectancy Graph

Win Expectancy / Leverage Index (Game Landmarks)
1st Highest Game WPA: .265 - Kyle Lohse
2nd Highest Game WPA: .163 - Rick Ankiel
3rd Highest Game WPA: .093 - Albert Pujols
Highest Dodgers LI at-bat: 1.88 - Jeff Kent, Bottom 1st, Flied Out.
Highest Reds LI at-bat: 1.85 - Chris Duncan, Top 3rd, Single.
Largest WPA Play: .133 - Rick Ankiel, Top 3rd, Double.
Largest Negative WPA Play: -.054 - Chin-Long Hu, Bottom 2nd, Ground DP.
80% WPA Threshold moment: Top 3rd, Rick Ankiel, Double (Lead 4-0).
95% WPA Threshold moment: Bottom 7th, Chin-Long Hu, Ground Out (Trail 4-0).

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